[REQUEST] Close To You by Sullians

Judul : Close To you

Author : Sullians

Cast : Park Chanyeol, Choi Sulli

Summary : People say, the first meeting is always accidental. But, how do you explain our next meetings? Does God intervene in it? We aren’t two lines accidentally collided. No matter how hard we both efforts, avoid each other-and keep the heart- will eventually meet again.You don’t believe in fate, me too. Because there was only one way to prove it. You and I and this honeymoon.

Notes : hai! haduh maaf tidak bisa bikin mirip dengan I Lost My Mind karena itu udah lama banget 😦 semoga kamu suka yah dengan yang di bawah ini 😀 kalau ada apa-apa tinggal komen 😀

Close To You by Sullians



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